Dr. Electric’s Services


Dr. Electric provides customers with a 5-year guarantee that is well above the industry standard. In order to save clients money, the company has moved away from blanket pricing and offers “U Pricing”—an individualized model where all costs are UPFRONT and UNIQUE to your project. In addition, Dr. Electric developed a virtual home visit service to meet the needs of the DIY community.

Dr. Electric’s House Call Services

Safety Inspections

If you are selling a home, it’s a good idea to have your electrical work inspected by a licensed electrician. If you’re on the market to buy a home, a second opinion from a licensed electrician may help avoid problems down the road.


Flickering lights, plugs-ins that aren’t working, or light switches that won’t turn on or off are annoying and possibly dangerous. Dr. Electric will quickly diagnose the source of the problems and repair them.

Meter/Panel Updates

Are you installing new appliances, remodeling your home, or adding on to your shop? In order to avoid tripping breakers or blowing fuses, you may need a meter/panel update.


If you are thinking about remodeling, Dr. Electric can make sure your electrical system is able to meet the new demands of your space. We can move wiring from one area to another or redesign your electrical setup.

Lighting Upgrades

The licensed professionals at Dr. Electric can install money-saving LED recessed lighting, upgrade existing light fixtures, and even add a ceiling fan with proper bracing.

Basement Finishes

Whether you are finishing one room of your basement or the entire space, Dr. Electric will work with you from rough-in to finish to ensure that the electricity functions as you hoped it would.


There are circumstances wherein electricity is an absolute necessity. Dr. Electric is experienced in all areas of generator installs, from fully automatic systems to portable tie ins with manual transfers. We’ll make sure you’re prepared for the unexpected!

Virtual Home Visits

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and find yourself in need of advice, Dr. Electric can help. Contact us for more info.

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